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Nikki Sweet Spanked By Aunt

Nikki Sweet goes on vacation with her cool aunt Clare Fonda. But she quickly learns that Clare insists on old fashioned discipline when Clare puts Nikki over her knee for a sound spanking. The beautiful Nikki is in a lot of pain and very embarrassed when Clare has her strip naked and turns that bubble butt bright red. Nikki is left rubbing her sore bottom and learning to behave better. Join now!

Sandy Likes To Spank

In this never released on the web scene from 20 years ago, Sandy, played by Heather Smythe, dances with Kister, her friend who is also going to the formal ball. It quickly turns into a spankfest as each lady spanks the other. Then Heather goes off to college where she meets the beautiful Kayla Paige. And since Sandy likes to spank, Kayla and Sandy of course end up spanking each other, with Kayla getting fully nude. Join now!

Strict Nanny

After getting caught stealing the car that belonged to her mother, Madison Swan learns that her mom hired a strict nanny, Yasmine Sinclair, who plans on using corporal punishment. Yasmine starts the punishment with the humiliation of having Madison put on dropseat PJs. Then she gives her a hard spanking over her knee and finishes the punishment using a hairbrush on that naughty bottom. Madison then stands in the corner, rubbing her sore red buns. Join now!

Exclusive Education 16: Sleepover Part 2

Abbie Maley was supposed to go on the Field Trip with the other school girls. But she skipped it on purpose. So she thinks she got out of the punishment all the others received. But Principal Clare Fonda assures her she did not. Clare gives Abbie a sound spanking for skipping out. She even has Abbie strip naked and gives her some swats with a paddle. Abbie is left red, sore and sorry. Join now!

Wonder Blonde REMASTERED

One of the first scenes we ever shot, this fun scene is being remastered and will be available for mobile devices. Here is the original description: Famed Fem Domme Crystal White is out to save the world, by spanking evil Carmen on her lily white rear. Our heroine gets hers though, and of course saves the world. Lots of different spanking positions and lots of nudity. Join now!

Exclusive Education 16: Sleepover Part 1

EE16 part one finds three schoolgirls away on a field trip and having a sleepover. They had a naughty night and are sleeping in when they awake and discuss their misdeeds. Supervisor Veronica Ricci overhears them and now she will be administering some discipline. At first she uses Yasmine Sinclair, who told on the others, to help administer and over the knee spanking at the same time, with Veronica spanking Lux LIves and Yasmine spanking Cheyenne Jewel. Then each girl, Yasmine included, get spanking with the wooden bath brush. When Veronica leaves, the girls punish Yasmine for tattling. Join now!

Company Policy: Day Six

In the final scene of this series, Dria catches company owner Snow Mercy sleeping on the job in her office. Dria threatens to tell everyone at work all about this. Snow agrees that if she accepts a spanking from Dria, that there will be no telling. The spanking is long and hard and includes some whacks with the Jocari paddle. Snow gives some whacks to Dria, too, however so both ladies end up with sore, red bottoms. Join now!

Life Coach Carmen: Day Two

Life Coach Carmen visits Dria at her place to give her another Life Coaching session. Dria has not been fully following her guidelines. Her work ethic still needs improvement and her room is messy. So Carmen teaches her another valuable lesson in discipline by putting her over her knee for another sound spanking and paddling on that very curvy bottom. Dria is starting to see the light. Join now!

Krampus Christmas Spanking

Rachel Adams kicked her roommate out the night before Christmas. So Krampus, played by Snow Mercy, pays her a visit for being naughty. Krampus canes Rachel with her stick, puts her over her knee and gives her a sound spanking and paddling that leaves Rachel in tears. No amount of crying will stop this punishment until Rachel agrees to correct her behavior. Rachel gets rosy cheeks this Christmas. Join now!

Monthers And Daughters REMASTERED

This classic has been remastered and will now be available in higher resolution and on mobile devices. Here is the original description: Clare Fonda busts her daughter Paris for goofing off and staying out late. She spanks her in front of her friend, Nikki. But she then decides Nikki needs some spanking of her own. Nikki tells her mom, who comes to read Clare the riot act. But Clare then spanks Nikki's Mom! Join now!