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Girl Spanks Girl is a Clare Fonda's Exclusive all F/F spanking website which offers traditional OTK as well as erotic spanking. We have over 4,000 video clips of girls spanking girls in our members section and we update with a new video clip every day. The stories here involve only females. We are best known for our long schoolgirl spanking video Exclusive Education and other full length films which feature hand, hairbrush, paddle strap and cane. We offer excellent customer service, ease of use and fresh content daily with new talent and well-known models. All Exclusive Education schoolgirl spanking dramas can be seen in their entirety on this website, as well as all future Exclusive Education movies and all of our many bare bottom spanking films. Updates are both in clip form and as long videos, all easily downloadable. Every scene is girls spanking girls! We specialize in long films. We use traditional domestic discipline.

Missy Spanked In France

When Missy Rhodes and Koko Kitten are acting up (and smoking) on their trip to France, Snow Mercy (playing mom to Missy) puts Missy over her knee of the balcony and gives her a sound spanking. Koko mocks Missy during her spanking, so Snow also spanks the bratty Koko. Join now!

Chrissy Punished at Work

Chrissy Marie is so desperate for work that she takes a job that uses corporal punishment when workers break the rules. She is late for her first day on the job, but she signs the contract that allows Human Resources director Snow Mercy to punish Chrissy for her tardiness. Chrissy also arrives sweaty as she hurried to work. This is a fashion business so this is another offense. Chrissy gets caned and paddled on her first day on the job and quickly learns how things will be when she screws up on the job. Join now!

REMASTERED: Boots and Booty

In this remastered classic, available in higher resolution and for mobile devices, Clare spanks her naughty school girl Kat over the knee with her hand, then a ruler. Then she spanks Paris, who she makes lay across her desk. But when Kat discovers proof of Miss Fonda's porn stash, the 2 girls get their revenge. Lots of spanking with girls in boots. Join now!

Strict Cousin Dria

This very traditional scene features Gigi Lea in her first ever spanking scene. She does a traditional voice over about how she spent the summer with her strict cousin Dria and received a spanking to introduce some real discipline into her life. There is a hard over the knee spanking with hand and hairbrush before Gigi is bent over and counts out 10 whacks with a large wooden paddle. Welcome to the wonderful world of corporal punishment Gigi! Join now!

Already Sore Bottoms Spanked Again

When Aunt Clare Fonda catches her niece Missy Rhodes hiding a visit from her naughty friend Jade (Veronica Ricci), Aunt Clare gives Missy a spanking over her already very sore bottom. But she is not done until Jade also gets a trip over her knee for a sound spanking on her sore bottom, too. She turns those bottoms bright red. She bends them both over the bed a finishes with a flurry of spanks to both bottoms before leaving their room. Lesson learned. Join now!

REMASTERED: London, Nicole and Kayla

In the Remastered version of an erotic classic, London Sheraton (played by Staci Thorn) is the spoiled daughter of the owner of a hotel chain. When she is imprisoned with her friend Nicole for a DUI, they meet the sexy dyke Kayla who punishes them. But then all three girls discover they are into spanking and making out with each other - so that is exactly what they do! Join now!

Truth Or Spank

Missy Rhodes still has a sore bottom from all of her recent spankings. But her friend Jane (played by Veronica Ricci) wants to play Truth Or Spank, a game she made up that includes lots of spanking. Missy and Jade spank each other over the knee with hand and hairbrush many times. They end up with sore, red bottoms and not much truth. Join now!

Clare Fonda Spanked By Niece

Clare Fonda visits her niece (played by Veronica Ricci) and seeks her help to improve her discipline. This takes shape in the form of a very long and painful spanking. Aunt Clare understands that this is what she needs. And it starts a little bit easy, over her dress, panty hose and panties. But as the spanking progresses, and the layers comes off, and the hairbrush comes out, it turns into a powerfully painful lesson for Clare and her red bottom. Clare promises to improve her behavior after this punishment! Join now!


When we originally shot this scene Sophie Dee was 19. She went on to become a porn superstar. This long remastered scene makes it available for mobile device viewing. Here is our original scene description: Brit babe is an exchange student staying at the house of Mistress Lori, where naughty girls are spanked hard - sometimes with the belt or brush. Sophie is not used to being spanked, so this shoot was a very painful one for her. Join now!

Missy Spanks Jade

Missy Rhodes still has a sore bottom from getting spanked by her aunt, then her best friend Jade (played by Veronica Ricci). She takes out her frustration by putting Jade over her knee for a long, hard spanking. Missy may be tiny, but she packs a punch and turns that curvy bottom red with her hand and a wooden hairbrush. Both ladies are left rubbing their sore bottoms. Join now!