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Girl Spanks Girl is a Clare Fonda's Exclusive all F/F spanking website which offers traditional OTK as well as erotic spanking. We have over 4,000 video clips of girls spanking girls in our members section and we update with a new video clip every day. The stories here involve only females. We are best known for our long schoolgirl spanking video Exclusive Education and other full length films which feature hand, hairbrush, paddle strap and cane. We offer excellent customer service, ease of use and fresh content daily with new talent and well-known models. All Exclusive Education schoolgirl spanking dramas can be seen in their entirety on this website, as well as all future Exclusive Education movies and all of our many bare bottom spanking films. Updates are both in clip form and as long videos, all easily downloadable. Every scene is girls spanking girls! We specialize in long films. We use traditional domestic discipline.

Spanking Therapy: Gigi Lea

Gigi Lea and Dria go to couples therapy with radical counselor Snow Mercy. When all of her traditional methods of treatment fail, she offers an unusual alternative. Punishment in a dungeon that will find each lady feeling for the other as she is spanked and strapped. They agree and in this scene, Gigi Lea goes first. Dria comforts Gigi as the dominatrix Snow turns that curvy bottom bright red, leaving one other curvy bottom to go. Join now!

1st Graffiti Spanking

When Office Manager Iris Steele catches Lexi Holland ready to add graffiti to the building, she marches Lexi into the office. Iris gives Lexi a choice, she can let the police handle this matter, or Iris can dish out the discipline. Lexi agrees to take 4 separate spankings on this day, one for each time the cameras captured Lexi. But Lexi is surprised how hard Iris is capable of spanking her naked bottom, with her hand, and for the first spanking, a wooden Brat paddle. Lexi is left rubbing her sore bottom, waiting for the next round. Join now!

Rebecca Vanguard Spanks Clare Fonda

Clare Fonda recently spanked Imani Valor, who was staying at her house for a while. Imani was step-daughter to Rebecca Vanguard, who Clare used to babysit. Now when Clare is visiting Rebecca, she quickly learns how much Rebecca was opposed to that spanking. Rebecca puts Clare over her knee for a long, sound spanking with her hand and hairbrush. Clare discovers that maybe she was not such a great babysitter after all. Join now!

Sage Spanked For Pleasuring Herself

After Sage Pillar spanked Iris Steele for pleasuring herself in the office, she got turned on. So she starts pleasuring herself. Iris walks back in because she forgot something and catches Sage doing the very thing that got Iris spanked. So turnaround is fair play as Sage ends up over the knee of the tall beauty. Sage squirms as she gets spanked by hand, then wooden ruler. Two ladies now with sore, red bottoms! Join now!

Clare Spanks Imani Valor

Clare Fonda used to babysit Rebecca Vanguard. Now the step-daughter to Rebecca, named Imani Valor, is staying the summer with her former sitter Clare. Imani has not been doing the chores that Clare has told her to. So Imani learns how strict Clare can be when she finds herself over the knee receiving a painful spanking that turns her bottom bright red! Join now!

Iris Spanked For Pleasuring Herself

Iris Steele gets called into the office by manager Sage Pillar. Sage explains how a customer complained about Iris pleasuring herself on the job. Iris is embarrassed and will do anything to keep her job. Sage decides maybe Iris can learn her lesson from old fashioned discipline. Iris gets over the knee for a sound spanking with hand at first. Then Iris gets a wooden ruler to complete the punishment on her bare bottom. It is both painful and humiliating. Join now!

Twerking and Spanking

Madison Martin and Dria entered a twerking contest. These two hotties have the greatest bottoms you will find and of course they did well. In fact, Dria won the competition. But Madison suspects that Dria may have bribed a judge. Madison uses the spanking tool to get to the bottom of things. She has Dria over her knee and turns that curvy bottom bright red with her hand plus the brat paddle, until she gets the truth. Lots of great twerking and spanking! Join now!

April Fools Spanking

Lux Lives wakes up late, in her living room, wearing her Christmas underwear. She sees her roommate Rachel Adams decorating their Christmas tree. Rachel nearly convinces Lux that it is Christmas day. But it is an April Fools prank gone wrong and Lux pays Rachel back with a spanking over her knee. Not so funny now, as Rachel gets her bottom turned bright red. It becomes quite difficult for Rachel to sit on this April Fools Day. Join now!

Exclusive Education 18 part3

In our last chapter of Exclusive Education 18, Principal Clare Fonda finds Madison Sky in the break room. Madison was supposed to attend the schoolgirl conference, but skipped it. She decides to wear a short schoolgirl uniform that she knew would not be regulation. That is no excuse. Clare puts her over her knee for a sound spanking that turns that curvy bottom red and speckled. Then Clare sends Madison to the corner, where she first has her hands behind her head, then rubs her sore bottom. Join now!

Sensual Spanking From HR Director

Alaska Rae has been called into the office of Hedda, who is the head of Human Resources. Alaska has been acting inappropriately with her co-workers and Hedda thinks she should be fired. Alaska will do anything to keep her job, so Hedda decides to teach Alaska a lesson with a sensual spanking. She rubs Alaska, then spanks her with her hand, then uses some leather. It is both painful and pleasurable. Alaska learns what it is like to be on the receiving end and promises to behave more appropriately in the office from now on. Join now!