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Sensual Spankings

The sensual spankings features beautiful girls playfully switching.

You Missed A Spot REMASTERED

One of our first even scenes has been remastered and will now be available in higher resolution and for mobile devices. This was our original scene description: Lori spanks Clare Fonda on a dare. After that, the maid Lilith visits and Lori insists that Clare take Lilith over her knee for a good spanking - because Lilith has missed many spots while cleaning. After the sound spanking, Lori has Lilith bend over and she gives her some with a crop and a paddle. Join now!

Snooping School Girl REMASTERED

This classic has been remastered and will be available for mobile devices. Here is the original description: A Retro scene shot when Paris Kennedy was just 18 years old. School Girl Paris is spying on the goth girls she is staying with, and she catches them spanking each other. She has a fantasy about being spanked and begins touching herself. But the girls catch her and give her a real spanking. First Kat puts her over her knee and they both give her a hand spanking. Then Paris is bent over for some smacks with the riding crop. And she even gets the riding crop on her nipples before they leave her to rub her sore bottom and return to doing her homework. Join now!

Sandy Likes To Spank

In this never released on the web scene from 20 years ago, Sandy, played by Heather Smythe, dances with Kister, her friend who is also going to the formal ball. It quickly turns into a spankfest as each lady spanks the other. Then Heather goes off to college where she meets the beautiful Kayla Paige. And since Sandy likes to spank, Kayla and Sandy of course end up spanking each other, with Kayla getting fully nude. Join now!

Wonder Blonde REMASTERED

One of the first scenes we ever shot, this fun scene is being remastered and will be available for mobile devices. Here is the original description: Famed Fem Domme Crystal White is out to save the world, by spanking evil Carmen on her lily white rear. Our heroine gets hers though, and of course saves the world. Lots of different spanking positions and lots of nudity. Join now!

Dolls Remastered

One of our first ever scenes with 2 beauties has been remastered and is now available for mobile devices. Here is our original description: Stunning blonde Ashley Fires plays doll inspired "Barb," while the very cute Sophia plays her doll sister "Skippy." Barb first spanks her sister while she is taking a bubble bath. But when Skippy discovers while Barb is taking a shower, that the famous Barb boobs are not entirely real, she gets to spank that famous ass. Long spankings, and Skippy gets a good one with a hair brush. Join now!


We have remastered one of the first scenes we ever filmed that includes Lana Miller spanking Kat and then in a rare occurrence Lana gets spanked, too. Now full files in higher quality versions will be available. Our original description: Lana is the chef on a cooking show and Kat is her ample bottomed assistant. When Kat continues to screw up, blowing take after take, Lana bends her over and teaches her a lesson - first with hand then with several cooking implements. But Kat gets her back after convincing her that a spanking will help her ratings. Join now!

Two's Company REMASTERED

This classic was remastered. Here is the original description A: Darling and Melissa are roommates. When they have a disagreement, Darling spanks Melissa. But later, Melissa turns the tables by pulling Darling out of the shower and spanking her and paddling her. B: Venus and Erika have a little disagreement that leads to them spanking each other. C: Kat and Chelsea turn a playful song about spanking, accompanied by bongos, into an actual spanking. And they even sing while they spank. Join now!

Blind Date

Blind Date was made as a DVD about 15 years ago and stars Darling, who is now Dee Williams, and Melissa. The two ladies are on a blind date, going to an apartment for their first encounter. Melissa shows off her flexibility, but Darling is more interested in seeing if her new friend can take some punishment. Darling puts Melissa over her knee for a spanking, before taking a spanking from the submissive Melissa, who turns out, can dish one as well. Join now!

Leah Wilde and Madison Martin REMASTERED

This remastered scene features the always popular Madison Martin with the sexy Leah Wilde, who only did this one shoot with us. Here is the original scene description: Madison needs to teach her new roommate some respect - so she does it with a good hard spanking. After that, she makes Leah bring herself to orgasm. But Leah finds a good reason to turn the tables on Madison - and she spanks her with her hand, then a hairbrush. Join now!


This remastered classic includes some out door spanking action. Venus spanks Erika for playing around while they are washing a car to make some extra money. But Venus gets it back when they return to the apartment. Join now!