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Erotic Spankings

The erotic section has spanking punishments spiced up with steamy lesbian encounters.

Mandy Fox and Christie Lee REMASTERED

This erotic scene has been remastered so now there are full spanking clips in higher resolution in contemporary file formats. Here is the original description: Mandy is a volleyball player who will do anything to improve. Christie Lee is her friend who offers to spank Mandy to improve her game. Mandy has one of the most spankable bottoms in history. Mandy gets a few swats in on Christie's ample bottom as well, before the girls decide to make love and not war. Join now!

Paige Richards and Anastasia Pierce REMASTERED

This early scene is now available in full sections and for mobile devices in this remastered form. Here is the original description: Paige Richards is a sublime domina who has her pretty femme friend Anastasia over for a makeout session. When the bi curious sub bails out, Paige is all over that ass with a hand spanking that leads to a cropping in the diaper position. Pussy and nipple fondling and some dildo play bring out the slave in Anastasia and soon she is orally pleasing her mistress. She is bent over and paddled but finally gets to give her mistress some bottom reddening action as well. These girls were friends before the shoot and enjoyed exploring each other! Join now!

REMASTERED: Alice Wonder and Aaliyah

This Remastered classic offers this sexy scene for mobile devices. Here is the original description: Alice comes home to find that her roommate Aaliyah has not cleaned their apartment as she promised, so she gives her a spanking. When Aaliyah discovers that Alice has been reading her diary, she returns the favor. Afterwards, the two girls admit their attraction to each other and do something about it. Join now!

Sammantha Grace and Angelica REMASTERED

This Remastered scene provides a full clip and multiple viewing options now. Here is the original description: Sammantha Grace and Angelica Black are locked in prison and very bored. They start playing around with spanking, and then masturbating and even try a new erotic spanking toy Sammantha smuggled in called the VIBE STRAP, which works as a vibrator while being spanked otk. Join now!

REMASTERED: Scarlett and Kylie

This remastered classic features two porn stars (one receiving her first ever spanking) who spank each other and share some sexy time. The original description: Our never been spanked starlet Scarlet raises the stakes in her erotic spanking debut. Kylie King is great as a college roomie who takes and gives and at the end of this sexy vid is two girls seeing who can cum first. Very nice talent and well done spanking set-up. Join now!

Vixen and Darling REMASTED

This erotic remastered classic stars Darling (who goes by Dee Williams now) and Vixen and will now have full files in all formats. Here is the original description: Darling's pussy is too tight for sex so she visits her friend Vixen who has a magic technique for loosing it up and getting it nice and wet -- which of course involves a sound spanking, then some dildo play. Afterwards, Darling gets her turn to spank the very long Vixen, who then is so aroused she decides to pleasure herself. Join now!

REMASTERED: London, Nicole and Kayla

In the Remastered version of an erotic classic, London Sheraton (played by Staci Thorn) is the spoiled daughter of the owner of a hotel chain. When she is imprisoned with her friend Nicole for a DUI, they meet the sexy dyke Kayla who punishes them. But then all three girls discover they are into spanking and making out with each other - so that is exactly what they do! Join now!

REMASTERED: Kay Richards and Lilith

We remastered one of our most popular erotic scenes with Kay Richards (played by Kymberly Jane) spanking the maid, played by Lilith, and shot in a luxurious bathroom and carrying over to the living room. There is lots of nudity, making out, g/g sex and very sound spanking action in the classic episode made some 18 years ago. Join now!

Erotic Pop Tart Remastered

This remastered classic features two great performances, with Kylee Reese playing the diva star who picks on her personal assistant Claire Dames, and even asks her to pleasure her sexually and spanks her with her hairbrush. But Claire is pretty spunky and decides that Kylee is a real brat who needs to be taught a lesson so she puts her over her knee for a spanking of her own. Classic sexual action and sound spanking, too! Join now!

Dana DeArmond Gets an Erotic Spanking REMASTERED

Clare Fonda plays a sexy madam in this remastered classic. And she is angry and her girl Dana DeArmond for not delivering the goods with a client. So when Dana comes by her place, Clare puts Dana over her knee for a long, sound spanking that turns her bottom bright red and leaves her rubbing that sore butt. Then she watches as Dana shows the techniques she uses to pleasure herself. Join now!