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My Naughty Daughter 2: The Brit Nanny

Mistress Gemini is highly effective as a nanny hired to tame a brat. Katy Rose earns her rep as one of the toughest little spanking models around as she takes it with hard hand and hairbrush from the strict redheaded domina. Join now!

Hot Cross Buns

Lana is the chef on a cooking show and Kat is her ample bottomed assistant. When Kat continues to screw up, blowing take after take, Lana bends her over and teaches her a lessson - first with hand then with several cooking implements. But Kat gets her back after convincing her that a spanking will help her ratings. Join now!

Holed Up

Clare Fonda is holed up in a hotel room with Kelly Payne, who gets very angry with Clare. And anyone who knows Kelly knows exactly what she does when she gets angry. She turns Clare over her knee for an extremely hard spanking. Join now!

Spanked Soccer Moms

The film is back up, with higher resolution. The two legends of the spanking world, Clare Fonda and Chelsea Pfeiffer play soccer moms who do hard, switch spanking with hand and hair brush - bringing the verbal skills they are famous for. Join now!

Lesbian Landlady: 1

Pixie gets a special deal when she finds a room for rent on her quest to "make it" in Hollywood. But what she quickly discovers is that the landlady loves to spank young girls who break her "rules." The things a young girl must endure to pay low rent. Join now!

Two Choices

Clare plays Mina's girlfriend. When Mina comes to Clare broke and looking for money, Clare gives her two choices - she can clear her freeloading ass out, or take a spanking for money - she chooses the hard spanking. Join now!

The Long Weekend

Sarah and Jackie are staying with their Aunt Helen for a long weekend, and it turns out she is much stricter than their mom, Clare. The girls quickly find themselves over Aunt Helen's knee, getting spanked with her hand and a hair brush, and Jackie has her mouth washed out with soap for cursing. When the girls finally see their mom again, she too spanks them, and then she spanks her sister Helen for not letting her know. The long series concludes with Clare giving Helen's daughter, Abigal, a long hard spanking with hand and hairbrush. Join now!

Call Me First

Clare Fonda leaves her two daugthers (played by Chloe Elise and Sarah Gregory) with her sister (played by Lena Ramon) for the day. When the girls break their aunt's rules, she gives them an over the knee spanking. Another rule leads to another spanking, this time with some from the hairbrush as well. When mom finds out, she spanks her sister first, then gives both girls another hard spanking. Join now!

Aunt Bella

Clare always spanked her niece Bella when she needed it growing up. And Clare spanks her daughters now, but only over their panties. But when Bella watches the girls, she spanks their bare bottoms, reminding her Aunt Clare how effective it can be. Join now!

Custom: Whup

Chelsea spanks Clare with her hand, and then a ping pong paddle in this video custom made for a member. They even kiss when it's all over. Join now!