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Dana Spanks and Humiliates Her Teacher REMASTERED

In this Remastered classic, Dana DeArmond gets a visit from her teacher Clare Fonda, who comes to chastise Dana. But when Dana shows Clare compromising photos of Clare and some of her young students, Clare allows Dana to do anything she wants to her to keep those photos private. Clare must wear a schoolgirl outfit and get a long, hard spanking from Dana. She leaves Clare embarrassed and with a very sore bottom. Join now!

The Strict Neighbor Part 3

Clare Fonda is called over to neighbor Elizabeth and when she arrives in her living room, she is in for some strict discipline. Elizabeth cannot believe that Clare is unable to control her own daughter and her wild parties. Plus she is livid that Clare spanked Anastasia, her daughter. So Miss Elizabeth puts Clare over her knee for a very long, painful and embarrassing spanking that Clare will remember for at least a week. Join now!

Rich Girl Poor Girl REMASTERED

This classic long scene features Smoking Mary Jane as the rich girl in a riding outfit dominating poor girl Sybil. She strips her nude, treats her like a pony, whips her with a riding crop and then spanks Sybil. But the poor girl will only take so much before striking back at the master and giving her a sound spanking that will teach her about the classes being more even then Mary Jane could imagine. Join now!

The Strict Neighbor Part 2

In Part 1 of this new series, strict neighbor Miss Elizabeth gave Luci Lovett a hard spanking. Now her mom (Clare Fonda) is prepared to give the daughter of Miss Elizabeth a spanking of her own. Clare barges into her room and surprises Anastasia Rose by tossing her over the knee right on her bed and giving her a hard hand spanking while lecturing her about being a princess and a bad girl who is fooling her mother into thinking she is an angel. Poor Anastasia is left with a sore, red bottom that she rubs on her bed. Join now!

Dana DeArmond Gets an Erotic Spanking REMASTERED

Clare Fonda plays a sexy madam in this remastered classic. And she is angry and her girl Dana DeArmond for not delivering the goods with a client. So when Dana comes by her place, Clare puts Dana over her knee for a long, sound spanking that turns her bottom bright red and leaves her rubbing that sore butt. Then she watches as Dana shows the techniques she uses to pleasure herself. Join now!

Alice Wonder and Lilith REMASTERED

Remastered scene of Alice Wonder in her first ever scene. A classic story of two girls who serve detention together. When Lilith wants a kiss, Alice negotiates for her to take 50 hard smacks to the bottom. When Alice wants Lilith to strip, Lilith returns the spanking deal. Join now!

The Strict Neighbor Part 1

Luci Lovett is the bratty neighbor girl who throws late night parties and could care less about the noise. Well, when strict neighbor Miss Elizabeth calls Luci over to her house, Luci is surprised to find herself over the knee of the strong Elizabeth, who gives Luci a spanking she did not expect. Luci protests that her mother has never spanked her, and Miss Elizabeth believes that this is the problem. It is a long and hard punishment that includes a hairbrush and Luci will not soon forget. Join now!

Anger Management: Day Four

Riley Moore is the new patient for therapist Clare Fonda. Riley outsmarts Clare, though, and instead of getting spanked by her, she puts the therapist over her knee for a sound spanking. Riley is tall and powerful and her spanking really stings, which Clare quickly learns. After, Riley is smiling, so perhaps spanking is a great way to manage your anger. Join now!

Anger Management: Day Three

Dylan Rose gets back to her place where she finds her roommate Tracie Skye has left the house a mess. Dylan uses her new anger management training and instead of yelling, she channels her anger into spanking her naughty roommate. Tracie is surprised to find herself over the knee of Dylan where she receives a sound hand spanking. Join now!

Anger Management: Day Two

Therapist Clare Fonda is interviewing her client Dylan Rose to find out what is at the root of her anger management issues. Clare decides to try experimental therapy, in the form of a spanking. And Clare insists that this will help Dylan with anger issues going forward. It is a painful spanking right in the office for the cute Dylan. Join now!