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Aunt Bella

Clare always spanked her niece Bella when she needed it growing up. And Clare spanks her daughters now, but only over their panties. But when Bella watches the girls, she spanks their bare bottoms, reminding her Aunt Clare how effective it can be. Join now!

Custom: Whup

Chelsea spanks Clare with her hand, and then a ping pong paddle in this video custom made for a member. They even kiss when it's all over. Join now!

Mothers and Daughters

Clare Fonda busts her daughter Paris for goofing off and staying out late. She spanks her in front of her friend, Nikki. But she then decides Nikki needs some spanking of her own. Nikki tells her mom, who comes to read Clare the riot act. But Clare then spanks Nikki's Mom! Join now!

The Governess 1

In this, part one of The Spanking Cottage- Prioritie,. Clare plays a strict governess who takes on the responsibility of helping Darling and newcomer Monica Breze (her only spanking vid) Take their studies more seriously. Join now!

Morning and Evening: 4

Mother Clare Fonda, spanks her daughter Emily Jane for being late. When Emily swears during the spanking, Clare marches her into the bathroom for a good mouth soaping. Join now!


Brit babe is an exchange student staying at the house of Mistress Lori, where naughty girls are spanked hard - sometimes with the belt or brush. Sophie is not used to being spanked, so this shoot was a very painful one for her. Join now!

Morning and Evening: 2

This is the group scene in which big sister Clare gets Kayla Synz to spank her daughter. Great teamwork here as all three girls take a good one. In the style of Parental Permission. Join now!

Auntie Ass Whup

Aunt Chelsea washes out Sarah's mouth for swearing, then gives her a sound otk hand spanking. Her other niece Lena gets the same for coming in late. Then they both gets PLENTY more spanking from mom and then Aunt Chelsea again, including some with the hair brush. In the end, Lena and Sarah have very sore, big red bottoms. Join now!

Cousin Gen Gets Hers

Cousin Gen ratted out her cousins Harmony and Kylie and her mom, to be fair gives her a very rough hand spanking and paddling - with a VERY large paddle. Join now!

USO Wannabies

It is the 40s and Clare wants Nikki to join her singing for the troops. But when Nikki doesn't cooperate, Clare must spank her - first with the hand and then with the paddle. But before they leave, Nikki gets Clare with the paddle, too. Join now!