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Sensual Spankings

The sensual spankings features beautiful girls playfully switching.

You Missed A Spot

Lori spanks Clare on a dare. After that, the maid Lilith visits and Lori insists that Clare take Lilith over her knee for a good spanking - because Lilith has missed many spots while cleaning. After the sound spanking, Lori has Lilith bend over and she gives her some with a crop and a paddle. Join now!

Hot Cross Buns

Lana is the chef on a cooking show and Kat is her ample bottomed assistant. When Kat continues to screw up, blowing take after take, Lana bends her over and teaches her a lessson - first with hand then with several cooking implements. But Kat gets her back after convincing her that a spanking will help her ratings. Join now!

USO Wannabies

It is the 40s and Clare wants Nikki to join her singing for the troops. But when Nikki doesn't cooperate, Clare must spank her - first with the hand and then with the paddle. But before they leave, Nikki gets Clare with the paddle, too. Join now!

Car Wash

Venus spanks Erika for playing around while they are washing a car to make some extra money. But Venus gets it back when they return to the apartment. Join now!

Brokebutt Mountain

Clare and Paris have fun with a parody of their favorite film of last year.... Join now!

Blind Date

Darling is a force of nature as a seductress who takes advantage of her shy new girlfriend, Asian cutie Melissa. Melissa submits to Darling and gets turned on by her spanking, despite her hesitancy, but it is Darling who really gets her rocks off with a good thrashing accompanied by a lot of wiggling and moaning. Darling is a lifestyle sub, but a hot enough actress to pull off the role of a lusty switch and she and Melissa compliment each other with their lily white and olive hues, both of which bear red butts. A gentle teasing turn on. Join now!

Farrah Fonda Spanks Clare

Clare's sister puts her over her knee and gives her a sound hand spanking. Join now!

Nikki Mom gets Serious

Nikki's mom has been spoiling her. So this time when Nikki acts up, her mother bends her over the bathroom sink and gives her a sound spanking. Join now!


Stunning blonde Ashley Fires plays doll inspired "Barb," while the very cute Sophia plays her doll sister "Skippy." Barb first spanks her sister while she is taking a bubble bath. But when Skippy discovers while Barb is taking a shower, that the famous Barb boobs aren't entirely real, she gets to spank that famous ass. Long spankings, and Skippy gets a good one with a hair brush. Join now!

Boots and Booty

Clare spanks her naughty school girl over the knee with her hand, then a ruler. Then she spanks Paris, who she makes lay across her desk. But when Kat discovers proof of Miss Fonda's porn stash, the 2 girls get their revenge. Lots of spanking with girls in boots. Join now!