EROTIC Spanking Section


BAD PLUMBER DAY THREE: Angela Sommers, Amelea Dark
Amelea Dark is working in the office today when Angela Sommers storms in with her plumbing bill. She demands to have it torn up as she feels that she should not have to pay. When Amelea refuses, Angela spanks her and makes her tear it up. But Amela then points out there is an electronic copy and Angela will be taken to collections unless she pays, or takes a naked spanking of her own. 25 minutes
BAD PLUMBER DAY TWO: Angela Sommers, Amelea Dark
Amelea Dark is working in the office today when Angela Sommers storms in with her plumbing bill. She demands to have it torn up as she feels that she should not have to pay. When Amelea refuses, Angela spanks her and makes her tear it up. But Amela then points out there is an electronic copy and Angela will be taken to collections unless she pays, or takes a naked spanking of her own. 26 minutes
BAD PLUMBER DAY ONE: Angela Sommers, Amelea Dark
Amelea Dark is a plumber with no answers, though she blames Angela Sommers because her pipes are old. In the first episode of this series, Angela spanks Amela right in her kitchen for doing the bad job. But when Amelea threatens to tell Angela's landlord about the bad pipes, the blonde beauty finds herself over Amelea's knee. 20 minutes
SEXY TUB SPANKING: Veronica Ricci, Lana Lopez, Amelea Dark
Veronica Ricci plays a Russian school ballet instructor who catches two American students (Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark) making out in the tub. Veronica gives them each a sound hand spanking, then some with a wooden bath brush, and even makes them spank each other while kissing. 12 minutes
LIFE COACH DAY THREE: Jenna Sativa, Star Nine
In the final installment of the Life Coach series, Jenna Sativa has skipped class to go out with a girl. When Star finds out, she puts Jenna over her knee for a long, hard spanking with hand and hairbrush, even though Jenna's friend could show up at any minute. Then Star uses a vibrator on Jenna, whose friends does arrive. Jenna is so angry that she spanks Star, too. 21 minutes
A genie (Gigi Allens) magically appears to Goldie (in her first ever spanking shoot) when Goldie rubs an old bottle. Goldie wished that Gigi would make out with her. After a long kiss, and some massaging, Goldie wants to know if she was the best ever. When Gigi admits she wasn't, Goldie's second wish is to spank the genie. After that wish is granted, Goldie's last wishis that she gets everything she deserves. Easy, she deserves a spanking from the angry Genie and that's what she gets. 16 minutes
LIFE COACH DAY TWO: Jenna Sativa, Star Nine
Star Nine enters Jenna Sativa's beroom as her life coach, about to discipline Jenna for not doing her homework. But as her friend, she advices Jenna on how to get a girl she is persuing - by spanking and domination. She even lets Jenna practice by spanking her. But then Star turns to the dutiful life coach and puts Jenna over her knee to discipline her for slacking off on her homework. 15 minutes
LIFE COACH DAY ONE: Jenna Sativa, Star Nine
Star Nine has been hired to be the very bratty Jenna Sativa's life coach. Jenna has never been spanked and lacks discipline, so Star's first task is to teach her some. She dominates the young lady by spanking her over her knee right in her office, then making her write how she will improve on the board, then introducing her to the strap-on. But when Star finds out her bonus relies on Jenna giving her a good review, she must submit to a spanking from the feisty young latino. 21 minutes
SEXUAL HARASSMENT DAY FOUR: Gigi Allens, Allison Tyler
In this final installment of the series, Gigi Allens and Allison Tyler have become girlfriendfs. They kiss and make out a bit before Gigi declares that since she is the boss at work, she must be the dominant one in the relationship. So she puts Allison over her knee and teaches her who's boss. But this isn't the work place, it's the bedroom, where they are equals. So Allison spanks Gigi with her hand and a hairbrush. Totally nude spanking with two gorgeous ladies who get very red and sore bottoms. 14 minutes
Gigi Allens is still sore from the last spanking she got from her worker Allison Tyler. So sore, in fact, that she is home sitting on a pillow and called in sick to work. Well Allison is not having it. She storms into Gigi's dining room and takes Gigi's temperature - rectally. Discovering that Gigi was faking being sick, Allison is compelled to give Gigi a sound over-the-knee spanking. Well, Gigi is the boss and the boss always spanks back! Followed by a kiss. Perhaps these two are growing fond of each other. 16 minutes
SEXUAL HARASSMENT DAY TWO: Gigi Allens, Allison Tyler
Super sexy, very tall and strong Allison Tyler is relaxing in her living room, when her boss, who is also tall and sexy and played by Gigi Allens, barges in. Gigi is still steaming mad about the spanknig Allison gave her at the office. So now she orders her worker over her knee and spanks her with hand and a leather paddle. But Allison will not take this at her own home. She tosses Gigi over her knee and spanks her. Afterward, the two ladies, who cleary have an attraction to each other, begin making out. 14 mins.
SEXUAL HARASSMENT DAY ONE: Gigi Allens, Allison Tyler
Super sexy, very tall and strong Allison Tyler gets called into her boss's office. Her boss is also tall and sexy and played by Gigi Allens. When Gigi gives Allison a choice of being fired or accepting disclipline, Allison chooses the disclipline, which turns out to be a painful spanking from her boss, and a taste of her own sexual harassment in the form of a strap-on. Well Allison seeks revenge and gets it with a payback spanking.
REMASTERED: Addie Juniper and Natalia Love
Addie is rooming with the captain of the volleyball team, Natalia, who lets Addie know she needs to improve her play - and to drive the point home she gives Addie a sound spanking. Then she lets Addie spank her back and the two girls then make out.
NURSE & STEWERDESS PART 2: Gigi Aleens, Cheyenn Jewel

Gigi Allens is back as the sexy flight attendant who this time has found Cheyenne as a passanger on her plane. But Cheyenne claims she has amnesia. Gigi makes out with her, gets her off with a vibrator and then spanks her to help her jog Cheyenne's memory. But with her memory restored, Cheyenne give Gigi a spanking of her own, even using a wooden spoon. 25 minutes

NURSE & STEWERDESS PART 1: Gigi Aleens, Cheyenn Jewel

Gigi Allens is a tall blonde beauty who here is a bratty and impatient Flight Attendant who must take a physical from nurse Cheyenne Jewel, who puts up with no nonsense. After giving Gigi a shot in the but, this muscular hottie nurse decides to teach Gigi a lesson and puts her over her knee for a spanking. Then she takes her temperature rectally and violates her with a strap-on. Gigi decides Cheyenne must be spanked for justice and spanks her so hard that she breaks her brush. Erotic and hard scene! 22 minutes

KISSING LADIES PART 2: Sunny Marie, MaryJane Mahem

Sunny Marie and MaryJane Mahem go upstairs to Sunny's room to continue their kissing and spanking fun. This time MaryJane convinces Sunny to spank her harder, something this naughy lady enjoys. 8 minutes

KISSING LADIES: Sunny Marie, MaryJane Mahem

Sunny Marie and MaryJane Mahem are hanging out. Sunny lives in this mansion and MaryJane is from a trailer. MaryJane tries kissing Sunny, who resists. So MaryJane wants to show Sunny how things are done in the trailer, so she spanks her, then kisses her. Then has Sunny spank her. Playful scene 14 minutes

EROTIC SLUMBER PARTY: Veronica Ricci, Ashley Graham

The last erotic scene Veronica Ricci ever filmed is here exclusively. And it is a steamy one with Ashley Graham. The girls have a slumber party and what else can they do but make out hot and heavy and do some hard spanking. Memorable way to go out with a bang. 18 minutes

EROTIC SCHOOLGIRLS 1: Celeste Star, Ela Darling

Ela Darling is in a teacher's office about to discuss how she and Celeste Star cheated on an exam. Celeste storms in and begins spanking Ela till she once again agrees to keep her mouth shut. Then Celeste meets Ela back at the dorm room, where she rides her with a strap-on until Ela has had enough and bends Celeste over her knee for a sounds spanking.

22 minutes

EROTIC SCHOOLGIRLS 1: Celeste Star, Ela Darling

Celeste Star and Ela Darling both cheated on a test. One teacher found out, but not the one who is planning a field trip to France. Ela wants to confess, but Celeste spanks her until she agrees not to. The girls do some kissing and exploring, too. But Ela decides if she is going to remain silent, she must also get to spank Celeste.

28 minutes

POP DIVA SPANKINGS 2: Veronica Ricci, Gia Steel
Pop Star Veronica Ricci hires a new assistant Gia Steel, who she bosses around and dominates. When Gia says she won't "get Veronica off" Veronica spanks her until she agrees. But after the spanking, Gia threatens to tell all that Veronica isn't really blonde, unless she can spank Veronica. 24 minutes
REMASTERED: The Spanking Sponsor Part B
Now it is Alyssa's turn to keep her party buddy in check. Instead of sending Kay back to AA, the very tall Alyssa takes the squirmer over her knee and whacks her ass . Of course the spanking makes them horny as hell. 16 mins.
REMASTERED: The Spanking Sponsor Part A
Kay and Alyssa met in rehab and Kay is upset that her tall friend is falling off the wagon. She is held firmly by the hair and spanked doggie style until Kay get sturned on and gives into her other addiction - to women. 15 mins.
NAUGHTY TUTOR - DAY SIX: Alexis Grace, Alyssa Branch
It was Alyssa's idea for her and Layden to spank their Tutor Alexis. Do you think she is going to get away with it? Not on Alexis's watch. When Alyssa comes home from school she goes right over Alexis's knee and learns just who is in charge once and for all with Alexis giving her a hard spanking. This concludes the Tutor series. 10 mins.
NAUGHTY TUTOR - DAY FIVE: Alexis Grace, Layden Sinn, Alyssa Branch
Layden and Alyssa get payback from Alexis for their plan earlier that had Layden drug and spank Alexis. So Alexis has the two ladies spank each other, then she paddles them. But they overpower Alexis and spank her once again. With all three ladies now nursing sore bottoms, will this finally be the end of all the spankings? 20 minutes.
REMASTERED: Harmony and Kylie Worthy
Harmony and Kylie are roommates -- and Kylie needs to borrow Harmony's keys to get to work on time. But Harmony won't allow it -- so what else can Kylie do but spank her hot roomie until she submits? Of course the spanking just gets the girls excited, which leads to some heavy making out.
GIRLSCOUT VS. BROWNIE: Veronica Ricci, Ashley Rose
Veronica is a girl scout who is on a camping trip and in the top bunk bed, with Brownie Ashley Rose sleeping below her. Veronica tries making some kissing moves on the taller Ashley, who then bends Veronica over her knee for a sound spanking. But Veronica turns totally dominant after this spanking, showing the Brownie who is boss by making her suck a strap on, then bedning her over and spanking her while she fucks her with the strap-on from behind. A very sexually charged scene with total dominance and submission. 24 minutes
NAUGHTY TUTOR - DAY THREE: with Alexis Grace, Layden Sinn
Layden is late for her next lesson. So she is going to get a different kind of lesson - a spanking lesson that will teacher her to be on time once and for all. She looks very frightened as Tutor Alexis towers over her. Layden pleas not to get another spanking, over her already sore bottom. But Alexis puts her over her knee and gives her a sound hand spanking, followed by some with the hair brush, then another lesson in sex education, as Layden is made to pleasure herself with an electric device. 12 minutes
NAUGHTY TUTOR - DAY TWO: with Alexis Grace, Alyssa Branch
When Alyssa is late for her meeting with Tutor Alexis Grace, she quickly learns that Alexis keeps her promise. In this case, the promise was a spanking for being late. The 6 ft. Alexis throws the much smaller Alyssa over her lap for a sound hand spanking, first over her short, tight skirt, then on the bare bottom. She completes the lesson with a sex ed lesson, making Alyssa use a vibrator while Alexis gives her a few extra smack to the bottom. 12 minutes
NAUGHTY TUTOR - DAY ONE: with Alexis Grace, Layden Sinn, Alyssa Branch
Alexis Grace was hired to lay down the law on two young hot sisters, Layden and Alyssa. She tells the two schoolgirls at a meeting in her office that if they don't do everything expected of them, they will be spanked. The girls are shocked to be threatened with a spanking. But when Layden is late to her first tutor session, the towering Alexis puts Layden over her knee for a sound spakning, turning her bottom bright red. Then Alexis gives the young student a lesson is sex education, further humiliating her. 22 minutes
POP DIVA SPANKINGS 1: Veronica Ricci, Katie Jordin
Veronica Ricci (Penthouse Pet) plays a spoiled diva pop star who is breaking in a new assistant (Katie Jordin). She orders Katie to make her get off, since that helps her write better songs. When shy Katie refuses, Veronica spanks her until she does it. But then Katie gets a chance to spank Veronica.
REMASTERED: Kay Richards, Lauren Legends
Kay Richards is back for more erotic spanking play -- this time with buxom Lauren Legends -- who can give and take a good spanking and really knows how to play with girls -- which she does here with her own double penetration dildo. Lots of spanking and girls getting nasty.
ALICE & HER FRIEND SPANKED FOR MAKING OUT with Alice Wonder, Nena, Clare Fonda
Nena is visiting her friend Alice. She starts kissing her and making out, but Alice warns her that if the lady she lives with catches them, she will spank both of them. Nena won't stop, so Alice spanks Nena. Then Nena gets angry and spanks Alcie. But when they make out again, Clare catches them and spanks them both hard. 38 minutes
ALEXIS SPANKS VERONICA with Veronica Ricci, Alexis Grace
Alexis pays a visit to Veronica. She heard about how Veronica covered up for Mary Jane, and that she and Mary Jane were fooling around behind Alexis's back. So Alexis teaches Veronica a lesson with a sound spanking. After that, she makes Veronica use a vibrator on herself. Veronica convinces Alexis to play with herself at the same time. 14 minutes
SPANKED FOR LOAN with Veronica Ricci, Mary Jane
Veronica invites Mary Jane over to borrow some money to pay her rent. Mary Jane agrees, but wants to give Veronica a spanking in exchange for the loan. Veronica has no choice but to agree. Mary Jane is turned on and makes out with Veronica, who agrees to keep this quiet from Mary Jane's girlfriend only if Veronica gets to give Mary Jane a spanking. 18 minutes
VERONICA MEETS KAY & SUGARMAMMA CLARE with Kay Richards, Veronica Ricci, Clare Fonda
Kay and Veronica are making out, when Kay stops abruptly, warning that her sugarmamma Clare could come home at any moment and spank them. Well, Veronica spanks Kay for being such a big tease. And Kay agrees to make out with Veronica, after she lets Kay give her a revenge spanking. Clare does in fact catch the girls in the act and gives them both a hard spanking, taking turns over her lap. Whenever they break hold of their locked hands, Clare uses a hairbrush on their sore bottoms. Lots of erotic chemistry and hard spanking. 30 minutes
THE OTHER GIRL with Alexis Grace and Mary Jane
Alexis confronts her girlfriend Mary Jane about her sleeping with Ash. She spanks Mary Jane to teach her lesson. After the spanking, she admits that she already spanked Ash to punish her, too, but then she made Ash pleasure her. So now it is Mary Jane's turn to spank Alexis. And when they finish, they make out. 14 minutes
THE INTERN with Veronica Ricci and Clare Fonda
Clare Fonda gets a goodie-goodie intern (Penthouse Pet Superstar Veronica Ricci) who is late for work and screws up her filing. Veronica learns the hard way exactly who Clare Fonda is when Clare makes her strip and spanks her then convinces her to pleasure herself with an electric vibrator. 14 minutes
THE OTHER GIRL with Alexis Grace and Ash Hollywood
Alexis calls Ash over to her place, where she accuses Ash of sleeping with Carmen, who is Alexis's girlfriend. After Ash denies it, Alexis spanks the truth out of her. Then she makes Ash pleasure her, and even lets her get some spanks on Alexis's luscious bottom. 18 minutes
While Mia is taking a shower, Brooke yanks her out, sits on the side of the tub and puts Mia over her knee, spanking her on her wet bottom. Then she makes Mia pleasure herself with a vibrator, spanking her while she does so. 10 minutes
Naughty Choir Girl
Isobel Wren is called to the house of fellow church choir member Clare Fonda. When Clare reveals that she has proof that Isobel was smoking, and that she will tell Isobel's parents, Isobel agrees to do whatever Clare wants. It starts with a spanking, and Isobel saying some bad words and ends with Isobel touching herself. 20 minutes
Brooke's Cooking Lesson
Brooke needs Mia to cook for someone who might hire Brooke. But Mia only will do it if Brooke agrees to take a spanking. Given little choice, Brooke goes over Mia's knees and is spanked to tears, before Mia spanks Brooke while Brooke is pleasuring herself. 16 minutes
Brooke's Revenge
Brooke Lee Adams and Mia Lelani are picking costumes for a party, when Mia announces that she will not go. Still sore from her own spanking from Mia, Brooke turns Mia over her knee and spanks her until she agrees to go to the party. And Mia also must make out with Brooke. 17 minutes
Spanked Cheerleader (Introducing 2 new girls)
erotic spanking
When Brooke misses the big cheerleader practice, she asks fellow cheer girl Mia to help cover for her. Mia will, but only if she can spank the bratty Brooke - and then have Brooke pleasure her. 19 minutes
Camille's Pain and Pleasure
Camille is spanked by her girlfriend Clare - sensually at first - but then to the point of tears. And then Clare makes Camille pleasure herself while being cropped. 25 minutes
The Hard Way To Get Work
Tina Tink visits Lavender Rayne to see if she can work as a model. Lavender pressures Tina to make out with her - and then Tina spanks Lavender for this. But Lavender turns the tables and gives Tina a long spanking. 38 minutes
Kay Richards hooks up with Anita - after picking up the bi-curious girl at a bar. But when Anita seems reluctant to explore her sexuality - Kay gives her a fast lesson with a spanking and a glass dildo, before having Anita give her a spanking. 20 minutes
Taking Her Back The Hard Way
Kendra James wants to come back to her ex-girlfriend Addie Juniper. But Addie won't take her back without punishing her first. She spanks her 231 times - one for each day she was gone. Kendra spanks Addie back, though, showing her who is boss. 21 minutes
Paying the Bills
Kay Richards and Amber Peach spank each other and make out as roommates who have problems remembering to pay their bills. Lots of over the knee spanking in addition to the wheel barrow position. Amber has a round, plump bottom. 18 minutes
Naughty Detention
Kay Richards and Ashley Edmonds were in detention right after the big Exclusive Education Spankings. They had red asses, sore bottoms, but yet were strangely turned on. So what else to do but play with each other - sharing kisses and gentle rubs - along with a few spanks. 12 minutes
Erotic Pop Tart - Part 2
Kylee is a pop diva whose assistant Clair becomes fed up with. She can no longer tolerate how bratty Kylee is so she turns her over her knee for a sound spanking. She spanks her for a long time - until she says she is sorry. And then she makes Kylee "get her off" like Clair has done to Kylee.
Erotic Pop Tart - Part 1
Kylee is a pop diva hiring a new assistant, Clair Dames. Kylee demands that Clair "get her off" as one of her assignments. When Clair refuses, Kylee spanks her until she agrees. Over the knee with a long hand spanking, before Kylee brings out the hair brush.
Annabel Leigh and Gia
Gia spanks Annabel for a long time, until Annabel turns the tables and gives it right back. After lots of spanking, Gia is turned on and decides to satisfy Annabel.
Leah Wilde and Madison Martin
Madison needs to teach her new roommate some respect - so she does it with a good hard spanking. After that, she makes Leah bring herself to orgasm. But Leah finds a good reason to turn the tables on Madison - and she spanks her with her hand, then a hairbrush.
Scar and Nikki
Scar and Nikki wake up in bed and begin making out, until Scar accuses Nikki of flirting with the female bartender last night. She decides to punish Nikki by giving her a sound spanking. But Nikki has enough and turns the tables on Scar.
Madison Young and Samantha Grace
Madison Young is taking a class from young teacher's aide Samantha Grace. She is very naughty and Samantha decides she needs a spanking, so after Madison pleasures herself, she gives her one.
London Sheraton, Nicole Bitchie, Kayla Synz
London Sheraton is the spoiled daughter of the owner of a hotel chain. When she is impisoned with her friend Nicole for a DUI, they meet the sexy dyke Kayla who punishes them. But then all three girls discover they are into spanking and making out with each other - so that is exactly what they do. For nearly 40 minutes.
Kaiya Lynn and Clare Fonda
When Kaiya tells her madam that she didn't collect the money from her "job," she gets a sound spanking, then she masturbates.
Angelica and Sammantha Grace
Sammantha and Angelica are locked in prison and very bored. They start playing around with spanking, and then masturbating and even try a new erotic spanking toy Sammantha smuggled in called the VIBE STRAP, which works as a vibrator while being spanked otk. See
Heather and Kayla Paige
Heather is has always been a sweet starlet on our sites. Here she pushed her limits with pro babe Kayla Paige. Kayla enjoys getting this nymph OTK and giving her firm whacks. Heather still has a unique little tushy and seeing the girls explore is a turn on. A nice littel spanking sequence sans switch, as Kayla is clearly the boss.
Scarlett and Kylie
Scarlett was a never been spanked girl who wanted to do a g/g scene and Kylie King- always a team player, was happy to spank this pert bottom. Kylie's bubble butt takes some heat as well and the video concludes with two freshly spanked girls in a conest to see who cums first!
Aleya and Alice Wonder
As you know Alice is one of Clare's new stars and Aleya definitely seemed to enjoy her too. This roommate drama has good spankings with hand and hairbrush and an erotic climax. Shot while Clare was out of town, the cameraman let the girls go wild!! Very naughty times.
Anastasia Pierce, Lacey June
Lacey June was brand new to adult video so we had her do a scene with the experienced beauty Anastasia who helps her in this erotic story of discovery. Lacey has a nice ample bottom and she took it well. She then went on to work for Bobbie Tawse.
Madison Young, Kay Richards
Kay comes home to horny roomie Madison and tells her she lost at volleyball. Her opponent bragged about improving her game by taking a good spanking, so Madison tries this new technique out on Kay, first making her bend over and take it on her tight volleyball shorts, then taking her over the knee. Spanking leads to making out, and then Kay takes her turn spanking Madison.
Alice Wonder, Lilith

BRAND NEW to spanking videos, Alice Wonder is introduced in this classic story of two girls who serve detention together. When Lilith wants a kiss, Alice invites her to take 50 hard smacks to the bottom. When Alice wants Lilith to strip, Lilith returns the spanking.

Mandy Fox, Chrisite Lee

Mandy is another tight pants volleyball player who will do anything to improve. Christie Lee is her friend who offers to spank Mandy to improve her game. Mandy has one of the most spankable bottoms in history. Mandy gets a few swats in on Christie's ample bottom as well, before the girls decide to make love and not war. This volleyball theme has been well received by sports and spanking fans

Sophia and Sophie Dee

Sparks fly when this two blonde beauties square off for some spanks and kisses. Sophie is the new roomie who can't pay the rent - and lets Sophia take it out in spanks - with hand and paddle. Sophie gets her back with the paddle. These two girls were definitely into each other. Sophie Dee is a hot Brit babe and Sophia a real life friend.

Vixen and Darling

Darling's pussy is too tight for sex so she visits her friend Vixen who has a magic technique for loosing it up and getting it nice and wet -- which of course involves a sound spanking, then some dildo play. Afterwards, Darling gets her turn to spank the very long Vixen, who then is so aroused she decides to pleasure herself.

Kelly Wells, Clare Fonda
Kelly has been to a psychologist to deal with her issues of dressing provocatively and overall exhibitionism. Counselor Clare teaches her through spanking therapy that her behavior has its consequences. Her therapist advises her to bring herself to orgasm with a large dildo.
Harmony, Dana DeArmond
Harmony poses as a school girl who gets a questionable, and very probing exam from nurse Dana DeArmond, who also takes Harmony over her knee and spanks her. But when Harmony reveals that she is an undercover investigator, she then gets Dana to submit to a spanking and dildo action from Harmony wearing a strap-on.
Brea Bennett, Genesis
Clare Fonda discovery Brea Bennett in her first spanking video stars as a coed who is called to her counselor due to her loud masturbating in the dorms. She is demonstrates her naughty little hobby, then gets an over the knee spanking. Genesis pays in the end, taking the hair brush like a champ.
Kay Richards, Lauren Legends
Kay Richards is back for more erotic spanking play -- this time with buxom Lauren Legends -- who can give and take a good spanking and really knows how to play with girls -- which she does here with her own double penetration dildo. Lots of spanking and girls getting nasty.
Dana DeArmond, Clare Fonda
Dana Dearmond plays a young, hot call girl who gets spanked hard by her sexy pimp (Clare Fonda) for not meeting expectations on a job (she was supposed to masturbate). Clare teaches her a sound lesson and then Dana shows Clare how she will now masturbate to please her clients. Dana has a great ass, took a hard spanking and really nows how to "play" for the camera.
Kay Richards , Lilith
We introduced stunning Kay as a Never Been Spanked Sweetie last year and boy has she acquired a taste for it. Her prey in this flick is veteran vixen Lilith who is spanked for being a lazy maid in spoiled Kay's home. Then Lilith teaches Kay a lesson with a sound spanking.
Paige Richards, Anastasia Pierce
Paige Richards is a sublime domina who has her pretty femme friend Anastasia over for a makeout session. When the bi curious sub bails out, Paige is all over that ass with a hand spanking that leads to a cropping in the diaper position. Pussy and nipple torture and some dildo play bring out the slave in Anastasia and soon she is orally pleasing her mistress.
Adele Stephens, Amber Grey
Coed Amber is excited to have Brit babe Adele as her new roomie. Adele is intent on getting Amber's bum red and soon has a game of poker with spanking stakes. Amber is taken OTK then on to a round of naked board games. Amber enjoys it all until they are interrupted by landlady Clare who straps their naughty bottoms. Finally Adele takes some OTK from Amber.
Ashley Fires, Paris Kennedy
Paris Kennedy and Ashley Fires were electric together. They had tremedous attraction as they are two incredibly attractive young ladies with giving personalities. Their chemistry is real and they had great fun spanking each other, mixed with making out.
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